Tuesday, September 12, 2017

uBitx ver. KMK 2017

After 2nd build, I think that uBitx is not mine transceiver. I prefer to work on CW mode and this SSB wide receiver is not so good for me. Idea to use Si5351 is another mistake who will be revealed after months from all hams. TDA2822 is another mistake. In this way transceiver sounding very bad, digitally, noisy and I don't like it. I'm sell all pcb boards, and go away to next project.

This transceiver is Farhan's uBitx mod - 10 watts, easy to build, general coverage SSB/CW transceiver for HF bands. Pcb is made from CM2KMK 2017 mod version.

Video from first receive test:

How to reduce OLED display noise :-)

Last World RTTY contest with uBitx:


 I found 1 mistake in PCB (capacitor is shorted in my pcb):

 Farhan's  uBitx schema:

They have some difference in transmission section - especially in RF driver and PA.
I found it original schema in French QRP transceiver Forty2 -  http://lpistor.chez-alice.fr/imagesite/radio/docs/Forty2-1.pdf



73 ES MNI DX'es! LZ1DPN  

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