Monday, April 23, 2018

9m Vertical Mobile Antenna

HF 40m 30m and 20m bands mobile antenna.

Antenna with 8 m fish rod, and 2 m base from PVC pipe (~9.00 m height all):

Fish Rod and PVC Pipe:

Cable and antenna alignment (my cable length for vertical and counterpoises is 10,167 m):

Ready for transportation:

RG-174 feeder for QRP activity and Balun from ferrite rod (I don't use yet, but ready):

First test at home:

In this first test have some QSO with all over the Europe and Russia:

Firsts WCA activity: 22.04.2018 at LZ-00097 , and BHS-9 (Bulgarian castle Acra)

Cable dimensions for Vertical and counterpoises:

For 1/2 wave:
7.030 MHz = 20.291 m
10.110 MHz = 14.109 m
14.030 MHz = 10.167 m

for 1/4 wave:
7.030 MHz = 10.146 m
10.110 MHz = 7.055 m
14.030 MHz = 5.084 m

73 ES MNI DX'es!